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Myanmar’s transition from a military dictatorship to a quasi democracy has emboldened LGBT people to begin openly calling for equality.

But as the trans community has become more visible, police have been targeting them with the kind of violence and persecution associated with the dark days of junta rule.

Just a few weeks earlier she had been serving a month in prison after her arrest under a colonial-era statute known as the “darkness law,” which gives police sweeping powers to arrest anyone they deem to be acting suspiciously.

YANGON, Myanmar — A transgender sex worker in Myanmar's main city of Yangon was waiting for customers on a dark street one night last year when two police officers approached her and demanded she have sex with them for free.

The party says freeing political prisoners will be one of its first priorities.

But none of the LGBT people arrested on the basis of their gender expression or sexuality has yet to be counted among the country’s prisoners of conscience, meaning they risk being left behind.

Stories of sexual violence by police seem alarmingly common.

An 18-year-old trans woman, told Mashable that she was orally raped after being detained and handcuffed on the street last year.

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