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Maybe it was just his first time watching, but the news desk banter doesn't seem to justify the President's personal and petty response.

Similar to You Tube black screen issue, choppy You Tube video problem, another annoying trouble often reported by You Tube users is the "You Tube Fullscreen Mode Not working".

They may not wear campaign buttons or themselves display any other insignia of partisan politics.

They should recognize that a bumper sticker on the family car or a campaign sign on the lawn may be misread as theirs, no matter who in their household actually placed the sticker or the sign.

Users don't face any problem while watching You Tube videos until they enable the full-screen mode. So, you may be unable to enjoy You Tube movies in full screen.

and it appears this is what sparked his Twitter attack.

For instance, taskbar not hiding when fullscreen is enabled on chrome.

And there are many guides online to help you figure it out, but none is in that mush details.

If You Tube is not loading or opening in Chrome when you go full-screen, these fixes could be surprisingly easy to solve the trouble. If there is only one, you need to download a new Adobe Flash Player.

Open a different browser, like IE or Firefox and go to and follow the instruction to download and install flash player. Go back to Chrome plugin page and find the Flash plugin with the line and click "Disable". If Flash Player just won't work properly on your computer, you can try watching You Tube in HTML5 instead of Flash.

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