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When it became an 8-speed group, the 600 designation still existed, but it was usually referred to as just "Ultegra".

With the '98 model year, 9-speeds came in and the "600" designation was completely dropped from Ultegra.("ULTimate" "Int EGRity") is the second highest level "road" group.

Pronounced "alfeenay" as in Italian -- Shimano's name for its high-end series of internal-gear hubs and related parts.

There are 8-speed and an 11-speed hubs and a front dynamo hub.

The Ultegra name was added as a suffix to 600 when 7-speeds (and the gray paint finish) came in in the early '90s.

For the 1998 model year, Ultegra became a 9-speed group, and the 600 designation was retired.

Their original theory was that experienced cyclists already knew how to shift, but that beginners could benefit from a system that didn't require fine-tuning of the shift lever position. Cyclists were initially dubious about this feature, but it worked so well that most resistance was overcome.

For this reason, Positron was offered on entry-level bikes, often department-store models. The parts had to be made very cheaply to meet the price points required. In addition, the fact that Positron was only supplied on bottom-end bikes caused it to acquire a poor connontation, as something to be outgrown, and not to be considered by a "serious cyclists." Shimano went back to the drawing board, and the next time they tried indexed shifting, in 1984, they started at the top of the line, with Dura-Ace S. Once the pros started using it, this now-glamorous feature rapidly trickled down to the hoi polloi.

The 10-speed cassette has the same spacing as other Shimano 10-speed cassettes but may have a 36T large cog. A beefed up version of the Lark , including an extra thick mounting claw and a built in bumper to protect the derailer from impact.As bicycle brakes have improved in recent years, there has arisen the perception that some front brakes are "too good" as if such a thing was possible.As a result, some manufacturers have taken to adding devices that deliberately sabotage the functionality of the front brake, out of fear that an unskilled rider will take a header as a result of improper use of the front brake.They pioneered many key technologies: Unfortunately, their pursuit of high performance has been somewhat at the expense of versatility.For example, to reap the benefits of Hyperglide or Superglide, you need to use one of the specific combinations of sprocket sizes designed to work together.

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Probably the strongest derailer ever made before the 21st century models such as Saint and Hone Front Freewheel System.

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