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In recent times, relations between the sexes have been beset by much disorder, brought about by various factors, among them the existence of gender roles which have their origin in economic structures that appeared during the Industrial Revolution and its destruction of traditional communities where the woman had a more weighty position in society than she was to be allotted in what we call modern civilization.

Adding to this muddle has been a confusion between social roles and sexual characteristics and appearances.

As will be understood, there is an acute need for wisdom and understanding between the sexes both in the organization of private and public life.

One example of the comparatively strong position of women among the Old Mongols was the belief that it was advantageous if a man's wife was somewhat older than her man, so that she could be wiser than him, and be able to guide him in worldly matters.

Consistent with this, it was considered The Secret History of The Mongols is replete with examples of what high value the Mongols placed upon the female members of society.

It is then related how "Just the sight of her holding the banner and shouting caused half of the people to stop and turn back with her." Even if the banner is described as belonging to her husband, it is clear from the context that his wife was partaking in the authority it conferred, and that Hoelun's leadership in fact was acknowledged, so that the rival clan had to forcibly break it and make the rest of the people abandon Hoelun and her children.

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Among Mongols, women were very far from "only women." In this context it merits mention that the actual source of the Secret History is a Chinese translation, Yuan Ch'ao Pi Shih, which according to subsequent research faithfully renders the original Mongol account of the events that led to the formation of the Mongol Empire and even illustrates much of their spiritual self-identity.

However, differences in culture and values between the Chinese and Mongolian societies are likely to have left subtle taintings here and there in the work.

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Already early in the work, after the death of Temuchin's father Yesugei by poisoning, a convincing demonstration of female leadership is given.

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