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But, occasionally, I’ll get a letter from a reader that requires a deeper and more thorough dive than the usual request for advice.

These are the Post-Mortems, where we dissect a letter and dig through the remains in order to get to the heart of the issue. Many times, we’re having to liberally apply the Chair Leg of Truth to a lifetime of beliefs.

'One night,' he wrote in his autobiography, 'the sexual urges got too much and I left camp with the express purpose of endorsing my maleness.'In 1960, aged 21, he married his childhood sweetheart Jackie Skipworth, who was just 17, and they had three sons — Gary, Paul and Martin.

The youngest was just six months old when the marriage collapsed.

However, online fans have applauded him for his 'honesty' about how life was for so many showbiz stars in the Seventies — and supporters stress there is no suggestion that Daniels was any kind of predator who deliberately targeted young women.

But rampant lothario and erstwhile kisser of teenage girls? The 74-year-old managed to tar himself with the much-used brush of 'aging entertainer with a murky past' this week when he wrote an online blog, detailing some of his encounters with young 'groupies' in the Seventies.

Eight men have now been arrested by detectives working on the Operation Yewtree sex abuse inquiry into 'Jimmy Savile and others' — the latest being Ted Beston, Savile's ex-BBC producer last week — and hundreds of lines of inquiries are being pursued.

The magician's comments appear to echo the sentiments of some commentators that the Jimmy Savile affair has triggered a hysterical witch-hunt against some who can barely remember the Seventies, let alone what they did.

Although the television work has dried up — and he disappeared quickly from BBC1's Strictly Come Dancing in 2010, on which he was a contestant — Daniels continues to perform.

Paul was best man in 1987 when his brother married Rosemary Lane, a dancer.

Prosecutor Andrew Wilkins told magistrates: 'He grabbed the girl, pushed her against the door and kissed her on the lips but she escaped from him.

This year he toured with his show, Hair Today Gone Tomorrow.

The controversy over his blog marks the end of a curious year for Daniels.

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