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There are any number of web sites that have tide predictions on them.

Due to the rapid growth of the World Wide Web, we do not attempt to keep up with the other sites that have tide predictions on them; nor do we verify the accuracy of their predictions.

As the tides fall there will be a current flowing towards the oceans; this is termed an "ebb current".

The relationship between the times of high/low tide and the times of slack water or maximum current is not a simple one. The current will be at its maximum flood or ebb when the difference in the two heights are the greatest.

The increases in the range of the tides is seen by a slightly higher than average high tide, as well as a slightly lower than average low tide.

Additionally, twice each month, around the times of the new moon and full moon, when the earth, sun, and moon are nearly in line, there is an increase in the average range of the tides.

Most areas of the coast will fall somewhere in between a progressive and standing wave current.

[Example (jpg)] The exact relationship between the times of high and low tides and the maximum current or slack water is unique to each location and cannot be determined from a generic "rule of thumb".

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