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Always, I felt like there was no actual person anywhere in that vast corporate entity that would speak to me, person to person.

Or, if a real person finally answered, it was always someone from India with such a pronounced accent that I couldn't understand half of what they said.

They wore lam These girls first came to the attention of rock stars through the now cult teen magazine, Star Magazine, which focused on the live and night life of these young girls.

They would dress their teenage models in seductive clothing and cake on makeup to make the girls look anything but precious. It only lasted a few issues but has become a cult classic. Sable and her friends bought the band gifts and greeted them at the airport. The two fell in love and Sable put her groupie days behind her to be with Johnny.

The first sign of change for me came in the form of two identical letters containing two identical forms telling me that I must fill out these forms before I can be paid.

They were the most obtuse forms you ever saw, with many blanks to fill in, conflicting directions and stern warnings.

After several failed attempts, he finally had Led Zeppelin's tour manager "kidnap" her and take her to the Continental Hyatt where the band was staying. They had to keep their relationship a secret, Lori being under age and Jimmy fearing being arrested.

our first ever grooms supper as our only son is getting married in just 4 days.

With all 15 grandkids together and lots of other kids ...

However, writing letters has always been my way of dealing with life.

I sat down and wrote out my many feelings and frustrations in an email, knowing that if it ever reached its destination, it would be scanned by robots and I would never receive an adequate answer. Not only did you buy out our beloved Register-Guard, but now I have forms to fill out before I can be paid for my column.

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  1. There wasn’t much to talk about aurally speaking though, the tease portion of the scenes employed music but the rest of the show was fairly easy to hear the vocals even if it sounded like a home camera shot them.