Marvin sapp dating imani

Imani has three kids from her relationship with Stephen, and Marvin Sapp is also a widowed father of three.

“The two exchanged information and immediately started corresponding after the show.

They’re definitely falling in love and I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up getting married,” the source added. “If she seriously wants to be with him and plans to become the First Lady of his church, the last thing she needs to be doing is tweeting risqué photos of herself,” the source concluded.

Marvin Sapp has no problem with admitting he is not perfect, but he wants people to know that his apologies are sincere.

Yet to the best of my ability I maintain my integrity when I wanted to loss it."Still, he spoke about the new year and his intentions to grow."It will be the year of intentional change and by the conclusion of this year I will be happier, healthier, healed and whole.

For 4 1/2 years my primary focus was to #Repair NPrepare," he wrote.

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She traveled with the 44-year-old preacher to Chicago for a concert at New Life Covenant Church in late December.

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