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Sept 5, 1861 - Grant gets word that 4,000 Confederate troops are moving from Columbus, Ky (on the river, south of Cairo, Il.), to control Paducah. Mackall, who replaced Mc Cown, surrendered Island No. The Mississippi was now open down to Fort Pillow, Tennessee.He responds quickly and establishes control of the town and mouth of Tennessee River. Late Sept - Confederates, construct earthworks and stretch a 4200' chain across the Mississippi River at Columbus, Ky. (Island Number Ten has since disappeared as a result of erosion from the Mississippi River.) Island #10 - ironclads arrive Mar 15 - three weeks of shelling - 12-mile canal finished in 19 days April 4-7 - ironclads sneak past April 4 & 6 - island captured April 7 Google book excerpts on Battle of Island #10 Island #10 stood about 10 feet above low water. Union Flag Officer Foote thought it suicide to run ironclads past them.Grant moved on in mid-February with some of his troops toward Shiloh, south of Jackson, Tn. Mc Cown, the garrison commander, defended both New Madrid and Island No. The deep-draft gunboats, however, could not be moved by this route. All of this had been accomplished with fewer than a hundred casualties on the Union side.

It was likely just NE, at inside bottom of loop, with gunships waiting and shelling for 2 weeks likely from near the whitish reflections in river, lower right. Several boats were anchored at island 9 (white spot in extreme right of map) Cairo would not have a rail bridge for another 30 years.March 15-April 8: North bombards Island 10 while digging bypass canal, then finally (remember Flag officer Foote? South surrenders island, loses much manpower and ammo. April 6-7: Battle of Shiloh SE of Jackson TN, won by the North, at as Battle of Island #10. Beauregard, commander of the Confederate Army of the Mississippi, chose Island No. The force marched overland through swamps, lugging supplies and artillery, reached the New Madrid outskirts on March 3, and laid siege to the city. Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) remembers: I found the river greatly changed at Island No. The island which I remembered was some three miles long and a quarter of a mile wide, heavily timbered, and lay near the Kentucky shore—within two hundred yards of it, I should say.Shiloh had 9th heaviest battle casualties of the war. Victories paved the way for North dominance of West Ky, Tenn, control of Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers. 10, about 60 river miles below Columbus, to be the strongpoint for defending the Mississippi River. Now, however, one had to hunt for it with a spy-glass.He was a riverboat pilot 1857-1861, during his early to mid twenties.Complete text is on books.from David Rumsey collection. Courtesy David Rumsey Collection , During a Thunderstorm on the Night of April 4, To the aid of General Pope at New Madrid.

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