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At a time when the last-gen consoles were showing their age, PC was lead platform on the first core Battlefield game in five years.

The mix of Bad Company’s macro destructibility (albeit watered down) and the introduction of micro destructibility made battles feel intense and satisfying.

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Team work was rewarded, but lone-wolf plays were possible and utterly rewarding.

Even though the player count was restricted to 32 (on PC; 24 on consoles), tight map design helped battles feel suitably epic.

Fast-forward a year or so, and the back-end changes made to the netcode converted Battlefield 4 into what it should have been at launch.The setting dictated new tactics and gameplay possibilities, most notably with the use of helicopters for transporting troops and airlifting vehicles (while blaring Vietnam-era music).There was also a strong emphasis on asymmetrical warfare, which kept things fresh depending on which side you were fighting on.As beautiful as it was on console, it would have been a whole lot prettier on a high-end rig.Still, in terms of the nostalgic factor and what was ultimately a very playable tech demo, Battlefield 1943 is right up there (just not on this list, ahem), especially on Wake Island.

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Battlefield 1942 had some fantastic expansion packs, too, and also introduced the world to Desert Combat, which was, in many respects, a precursor to the stellar Battlefield 2. Classes with fixed weapons are forced to play to their role and gun ranges. The Desert Combat mod for Battlefield 1942 was great, but Battlefield 2 took contemporary warfare and the franchise to new levels.

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