Liquidating a partnership

If Dottie sells her portion of the business to her brother Danny, then Danny and Dave become partners in a new partnership and the original partnership dissolves. D.'s Duds specializes in counterfeit clothing that's made to look like designer brands.If both Dottie and Dave decide to sell the business or close the business, then dissolution of the original partnership occurs. The clothing is actually an assortment of cheap knock-offs.Dissolution serves as the beginning of the termination process for the partnership. During this phase, partnership accounts are settled and assets are liquidated.Dissolution marks the end of business as usual for the partnership business. Winding up serves to end any outstanding legal and financial obligations of the partnership so that the business can be terminated.That's why it makes sense to hire a lawyer if the partnership itself can't pay all of its debts before folding.It's a good idea to file your state's dissolution of partnership form (available from your state's secretary of state or corporations division website) as additional proof that the partnership has been terminated.State laws govern the procedures for properly winding up a partnership, and therefore, the laws vary.

Once winding up is complete, the partnership is terminated. Partners can no longer be held responsible for other partner's debts, and partners can no longer obligate the partnership in any way.If your partnership is insolvent, consult a lawyer.If there aren't enough business funds to pay partnership debts and liabilities, the partners should seek the advice of a business lawyer to protect their interests. Be sure to record your agreements regarding how you'll handle present and future liabilities in writing.Free 5-day trial A partnership is an unincorporated business owned by two or more people. The business is successful, but Dottie gets tired of the long hours spent in the store and decides she no longer wants to be a part of D. Dottie and Dave need to terminate their partnership.When the partners decide to no longer do business together, they must dissolve, wind up and terminate the partnership. Partnerships are a popular type of business structure, mainly because partnerships are one of the easiest and least expensive businesses to form. A partnership is an unincorporated, for-profit business established and run by two or more individuals. Each has the power to manage some aspect of the business. Dissolution marks the end of the partnership relationship.

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If assets remain after satisfying all obligations to creditors, those assets are generally divided among the remaining partners.

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