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I like to be able to walk around anywhere I like.’When said friends are the most famous of Insta-girls – think Cara, Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid – it’s understandable that she’s wary to unleash the kind of AAA-grade media chaos that envelops them constantly.

Lily’s Instagram feed is full of pictures of her with them – hanging out on shoots, at gigs, in gorgeously executed editorials – looking like they’re having a ball.

But she got scouted independently, at 16, when she was out with friends in Camden Lock (‘I wasn’t really into it, but I wanted to get a horse’) and she has done all of it, since, off her own back. The ELLE team spent three days on set with her, and everyone from the bookings editor to the fashion director fell in love with her.

She’s professional to a fault, they say, and it’s something on which she tells me she prides herself: ‘I’m very respectful.

She has walked the catwalk for everyone from Tom Ford and Balmain to Victoria’s Secret.

But she’s an editorial, rather than a catwalk girl: puts her currently at 58 magazine covers and 100 editorials, versus 34 shows.

You can’t do what she does without putting yourself out there.

Photography: Kai Z Feng There’s a dangerous misconception these days that introverted people can’t be great; that if you’re not shouting, then you’ve got nothing to say. Lily and all she has achieved is testament to that.‘Yes, I think it’s almost the reverse,’ she says thoughtfully.‘Because [on the catwalk] you don’t really have to show yourself – you just put on this kind of thing.I’ve imagined a hundred times how a late Sunday afternoon date with one of the most elusive supermodels on the international stage might play out.Funnily enough, this scenario – her carrying my drink while I juggle my bags, notebook and myriad pieces of recording equipment – never featured.

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