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Eros said ‘This one is heavy : try it and you will see.’ Ares took the javelin, while Kypris [Aphrodite] smiled quietly; and with a groan he said, ‘It is heavy : take it back.’ ‘Keep it,’ said Eros [and so presumably bound Ares and Aphrodite in love.]." The story of the Marriage of Hephaistos and Aphrodite can be reconstructed from text fragments and ancient Greek vase paintings : Hephaistos had been cast from heaven by his mother Hera at birth, for she was ashamed at bearing a crippled son.He was rescued by Thetis and Eurynome and raised in a cave on the shores of the River Okeanos where he became a skilled smith.The most significant of the love-myths was the tale of his affair with the goddess Aphrodite.The pair were commonly depicted together in ancient art--to such an extent that she could properly be described as his consort.

[see Family] ILIA A princess of Latium (central Italy) and Vestal Virgin.[see Family] AEROPE An Aitolian (central Greece) princess loved by Ares. AGLAUROS A princess of Attika (southern Greece) loved by Ares. [see Family] ALTHAIA (Althaea) A queen of Aitolia (central Greece), wife of King Oineus, loved by Ares. [see Family] ASTYOKHE (Astyoche) A princess of Orkhomenos (central Greece) loved by Ares. ATALANTA A princess and huntress from Arkadia (southern Greece) loved by Ares.According to some she bore him a son Parthenopaios.She bore him one or two sons Oinomaos and Euenos (though the latter is usually called a son of Ares by Demonike).[see Family] TANAGRA A Naiad-nymph of Argos (isouthern Greece) whom the gods Ares and Hermes competed over in a boxing match. TEREINE A Naiad-nymph of the Triballoi of Thrake (north of Greece), loved by Ares. [see Family] TRITEIA A sea-nymph of Triteia in Akhaia (southern Greece) loved by Ares who bore him a son Melanippos.

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[see Family] KYRENE (Cyrene) A nymph of Bistonia in Thrake (north of Greece) loved by Ares. Kyrene is probably the same as Pyrene the mother of Kyknos.

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