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My job stimulates and inspires me every day and allows me to be creative.I’m honestly high on life right now, floating on air” Laura is mostly seen visiting and reporting about the newest restaurants and food trends for her lifestyle show “New York Live.” Moreover, she also explores unique things for her series “city guide” which airs in New York City taxis."You are bound to spend a ton of time together as a house, and if you hook up with someone the first third of the summer, you kind of pigeonhole yourself.It's either gonna be amazing and it does accelerate things, or it's gonna make for some extremely awkward moments because maybe you're not on the same page and you're both still trying to go out, be flirty, you don't want it to be a safety net," Kyle said.As the newcomer to the group, Stephen wasn’t really involved in most of the drama.Instead he provided the fans with “that’s exactly what I was thinking” commentary in response to the group’s antics.

Cynthia Williams opened up about her relationship with Harper in a new, five-part series and e-book on the prime minster by Postmedia's Mark Kennedy, titled "From Rebel To Realist." DOWNLOAD THE FULL E-BOOK Williams, who was engaged to Harper for a year in the 1980s, described her former beau as a bit of an introvert and a strong student at the University of Calgary who transformed into a Tory activist with a keen interest in policy. In 1988, Harper, then just 27, ran against Hawkes in Calgary West as a Reform candidate.Whenever we see our favorite celebrity’s pictures from their friend or relative’s marriage, we wonder when they are posting pictures from their marriage.Today we are talking about a lady who recently posted a picture of her brother’s marriage, and now the fans are waiting for her to marry. But we bet she looks more sizzling in white bride dress.Even outside of work, Lauren finds time to try out new cuisines, eateries, restaurants and street vendors and she loves this part of her life, it seems.The reporter shares her new finds on her Instagram and most of these foods look mouth-wateringly amazing.

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