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Featuring guest appearances by Jan Skylar, Wayne Skylar, and David Liebe Hart. Reilly, Carol Kraft, Doug Foster, Scott Stewart Making a satire out of the entire Late Night Show concept Scotsman Craig Ferguson hosts his show with a robot skeleton and a "horse" as his sidekicks.The show features the stereotypical parts of a Late Show, but all in their own, raw way. See full summary » Stars: Jerry Springer, Peter A Kelly, Steve Wilkos, Chuck Conners After Johnny Carson's retirement from the show, Jay Leno stepped in as his permanent replacement.His Carpool Karaoke segments are an Internet sensation, ensuring new viewers all of the time. And as an accomplished performer, too, you can expect his net worth to climb as well.His show has a classic BBC flavor and is somewhat fresh and new for U. 's host, Chris Hardwick, rounds out our Top 10.The host also found reason to mock Trump for a Monday morning tweet in which he said "Fake News" has "Never been more voluminous or more inaccurate."" 'Voluminous? "Fox News must've been running a lot of shampoo commercials this morning." Pulitzer Prize winner for public service Ronan Farrow, second from right, his mother Mia Farrow, far right, Anabella Sciorra, far left, and Rosanna Arquette, second from left, two women accusing Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct, arrive for the 2018 Pulitzer Prize winners awards luncheon at Columbia University, on May 30, 2018, in New York.Talk shows may be inexpensive to produce, but when it comes to host salaries, shows that want to compete don't spare the coin.Stars: Craig Ferguson, Shadoe Stevens, Josh Robert Thompson, Joseph Bolter This famous You Tube family-friendly morning talk show created by Rhett Mc Laughlin and Charles Lincoln (Link) Neal contains loads of laughter and insanity, known for this quote: "We do this, so you don't have to." Stars: Rhett Mc Laughlin, Link Neal, Chase Hilt, Stevie Wynne Levine Among his peers' other talk-shows, Jerry's is of the more passionate and of the more sensational. The format of the show has remained largely unchanged, consisting primarily of an opening ...

Stars: Jeremy Clarkson, James May, Richard Hammond, Mike Skinner Irish comedian Graham Norton hosts his very own chat show, which includes chatting to A-list celebrities, the very famous Red Chair game, live music, lots of jokes and fun from Graham and the celebrities themselves.Stars: Graham Norton, Ricky Gervais, Miranda Hart, Jack Whitehall A mix of celebrity interviews, musical performers, audience participation games, and segments spotlighting real people with extraordinary stories and talents.Stars: Ellen De Generes, Stephen Boss, Anthony Okungbowa, Kym Douglas Conan O'Brien and his co-host Andy Richter discuss current news topics and interview celebrities and personalities.His clever, fresh show and successful production company nets him an estimated net worth of million dollars. Back on Comedy Central, Colbert collected a cool . With her new streaming shows on Netflix - which are kind of talk shows, I suppose - late night's Chelsea Handler comes in at No. Some reports suggested Handler made million a year for , her former late night talk show.Scotland's own Craig Ferguson hits the million net worth marker even after departing his late night show, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

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Still, he makes a leap from $16 million to $25 million since our last update.

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