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Then he slipped his finger under the edge of the bikini bottom and pushed it forward until it found his mother's vulva. He stroked the wet flesh between her lips, tickling her clit on each upstroke. Despite the cool water, Kyle had an erection, and he waited until it had subsided to follow his mom out of the pool. Maddy left her room to rouse Carl from his laziness in front of the T. Maddy noticed how hot it still was, even as night came on, and she was glad she'd slipped on a light sun dress before dinner.

Maddy was glad that her face was turned away from the living room window, so her husband couldn't see her expression when she let out a low moan at the touch of Kyle's hand. Carl continued to watch sports highlights, oblivious to what was happening between his wife and son in the backyard. Kyle was agitated and distracted by his mom's presence even though she sat on the other side of the table.

Her body actually swayed in front of him -- just a little -- as she thought about his words, before she stopped herself. "Sure, mom," Kyle said, and he stepped back to give mom her space -- for the time being.

She walked into the refreshing water until it was just below the tips of her breasts. Uh oh, Maddy thought, her fear and desire in conflict. Kyle noticed that his mom's nipples rose just over the level of the water, and now that her bikini top was soaked through they stood out even more sharply than before against the bikini fabric.

Kyle stood up as he reached the shallow end of the pool and Maddy watched his broad shoulders emerge from the pool, water dripping off his muscles. His eyes were hidden by sunglasses but the hungry grin on his face betrayed his feeling. Kyle reached his hand forward under the water until it touched the little triangle of mom's bikini bottom. Instead, she parted her legs, just a bit, so his hand would be able to touch her more easily.

As soon as she did so Kyle embraced her and kissed her. The restaurant offered a cool, temporary respite from the heat. "Oh, I'll watch him," said Maddy, before she could check herself. She thought about Kyle's bare hips pushing hard against hers. She saw Kyle lying on a yellow plastic raft in the middle of the pool. "I'm going to go take a dip in the pool," she said. A minute later, standing in her bedroom and looking into the drawer with her swimsuits, she had misgivings. And it was broad daylight and the pool was visible from the living room, where Carl sat watching T. It would be fun to expose herself in a bikini to him, knowing that with his father awake and nearby Kyle couldn't do very much.

His tongue entered her mouth briefly, but she put a hand on his chest and pushed him back. Lunch had stretched on for a few hours, and each of them was picking over the remains of their dessert. She worried that her face would betray what she was thinking to Emma. She and Carl brought the food and beer in from the car. She knew the effect of seeing her wearing a swimsuit would have on Kyle. On a whim, she picked the smallest bikini out of the drawer.

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Kyle lay still on the yellow raft, sunglasses on, and hadn't noticed her yet. The water felt good when she put her foot on the step in the shallow end.

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