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We had been told it takes 6 months, sometimes a year. But to be perfectly honest, a lot of the home study timeline for Korea depends on motivation and availability of both the adoptive family and the home study agency to just get it done!

For example, we know a family who was super motivated to get their home study done, but their agency dragged the process along for ten months.

The referral process itself is a mystery, but allegedly, SWS reviews the families currently waiting, the kiddos currently waiting, and then they match them up based on personality, family dynamics, and any medical needs the family listed as acceptable.

This process goes in somewhat of a line but does vary based on the family.

We finished every last appointment and piece of paper in 17 days (February 22)!

We waited another 2.5 weeks for the psych evaluation report to come back (March 13), a week for All Blessings to write the Home Study itself (which is insanely fast), and then around a month for the home study to be reviewed by our placement agency for completeness. I’m adding this as a milestone, even though it’s technically part of the home study process.

For Korea, all families will have at least two agencies – an American agency and a Korean agency, though in the case of Holt they are both “Holt” – but some families, like us, have as many as three!We’ll cover later how we chose our agency, specifics about the home study, and why we pursued Korea.So for now, let’s just talk about the timeline and process for Korean adoption!Annual Dodgeball Tournament with AKAP is coming up in November 2015 in Portland, Oregon. A fun and friendly game of dodgeball followed by a “KISS and MAKE UP” dinner." data-medium-file="https://i1com/org/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/10659349_10152430220298161_8539802491602684959_n.jpg? fit=300,201" data-large-file="https://i1com/org/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/10659349_10152430220298161_8539802491602684959_n.jpg?

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Assigned Referrals are the “normal” path, though surprisingly not necessarily the most common (our American agency refers 60% unassigned and 40% assigned).

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