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Here, Aaron Jeffries, the Greenleaf family's attorney and close confidante, consoles Kevin during his difficult time.

For some viewers, the programme marked a welcome return to the classic and paid homage to both the original series and its leading star Barker.

Bishop said: “I’m really sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, it’s not for me, but thanks for the offer, I’m flattered.” Then Shane Allen, the BBC’s comedy controller, called him…

The BBC’s revival of classic sitcom Porridge drew mixed reviews from viewers as the first episode of a new six-part series aired.

Watching today’s actors play roles brought to life by some of our biggest comedy stars was always going to be divisive, even if the season was intended as a celebration.

Of those reboots, Porridge, written by its original creators, seemed to have legs.

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Kevin Bishop is recalling, with a grim laugh, the day he heard a remake of Porridge was in the works.

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