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Pattern reconstructed with slight corrections by Sytske Wijnsma. Halifax, England, Patons & Baldwins Ltd., [c.1915], 64pgs. Beetons Book of Needlework Consisting of Descriptions and Instructions, Illustrated by Six Hundred Engravings, of Tatting Patterns, Crochet Patterns, Knitting Patterns, Netting Patterns, Embroidery Patterns, Point Lace Patterns, Guipure D'Art, Berlin Work, Monograms, Initials and Names, Pillow Lace, and Lace Stitches. A simple embroidery pattern, depending for its effect mainly on the chosen colors. This pattern is also present on a band sampler in the Victoria and Albert museum collection, and that sampler is dated 1860-1870.

Images donated by ebay seller sallyrobson, charted by Sytske Wijnsma.

Nine crocheted patterns each shown twice, once as inset and once as fringe.

Great for making curtains, where both patterns can be used in the same item.

The filet patterns include a large butterfly, a peacock and patterns for Elk Lodge, Modern Woodmen of America, Shriners.Raised lace, appliqué, reticella, gobelin, crochet, cut knotted stitching, Holbein and Viennese cross stitch, tapestry and madeira work, Spanish and gold embroidery.Scans donated by Sytske Wijnsma, edited by Judith Adele. Scans donated by Karen Ann Lenard, edited by Karen Ann Lenard. The beaded side shows the pattern, the not-yet-beaded side shows how the canvas was prepared for embroidery by marking it by long threads in the appropriate color, instead of painting the canvas.Scans donated by Debra Carr, edited by Judith Adele.A craft leaflet describing how to plait so-called corn dollies, a tradition dating back to pre-Christian times.

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