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Taking a cue from Bill James’s sabermetrics, we conceptualized a new approach to baseball statistics and tallied up the total number of homers A-Rod hit while dating each woman.*(*Dates are approximate and based on when mention of the couple’s union and/or demise first appeared within the New York Post’s gossip section, “Page Six.”)Girlfriend: Cameron Diaz First “Page Six” mention of courtship: April 14, 2010.First “Page Six” rumor of relationship’s ruin: N/A. Girlfriend: Kate Hudson First “Page Six” mention of courtship: May 19, 2009.(We almost forgot about the time he dated Cameron Diaz for over year.) Now, the 41-year-old is head over heels for his new leading lady Jennifer Lopez.

First “Page Six” rumor of relationship’s ruin: October 2008. Similarities: - A-Rod played in the Bronx for a while and Jennifer Lopez's famous "the block" is in the Bronx. This is a man who got his agent to announce he'd be opting out of a 2 million contract DURING GAME FOUR OF THE GODDAMN WORLD SERIES. Go out with literally anyone else on the planet, married or not, I'm sure they're willing to drop WHATEVER ELSE is going on in their life just to be in the same room as you. This is a man who thought he was worth 0 million. The 2017 Met Gala marked Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez's red carpet debut as a couple, and they certainly acted like the Prom King and Queen of the bash — but that doesn't mean they didn't do their best to avoid a few choice people!An eyewitness tells that A-Rod freaked when he spotted his rumored ex Madonna, whom he reportedly dated in 2008.

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And now he said he'd found her." Alex and ex-wife Cynthia in 2007.

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