Is jesse mccartney dating anyone now

Because there is nothing more captivating than the ups and downs of romantic love.

When talking to Jesse Mc Cartney over-the-phone, it's clear that his music's heavy emotional pull is intentional and that he thinks carefully about tapping into the sounds and emotions that have attracted his fans from the beginning.

The singer has been pleasantly surprised to see that it's not as hard as he had thought it might be to rebuild a fanbase after years away.

"It's clear that a lot of fans have grown up with me over the years, particularly because they tell me.

As a tween, it felt like he was singing to me, that his high-drama lyrics and sugary pop hooks created a space where my teen girl romance fantasies could unfurl completely unquestioned.

Today, Mc Cartney is 30 years old and back after a 4-year hiatus since his 2014 album, with a new single, "Better With You," that again taps into an uninhibited daydream of romantic euphoria.

It's supposed to pull you in and draw parallels to your own life.

To be honest, I never heard the ringtones go off either because they didn't really work or because I was born with a 40-year-old's hearing ability, but just the idea that they existed created a feeling of virtual community — a reassuring idea that there was a signal only people my age could access.

He tells me that apps like Instagram and Twitter allow him to reach fans more directly and to eschew labels who might hinder his creative process.

"You can really get the music to your fans pretty directly using of social media," he says.

"You can do what you want in a safe space without having to be criticized or without someone looking over your shoulder.

In today's world of sharing, it's really important that you don't have to jump through hoops and wait five months on a song before you can release it. It's a really liberating feeling knowing I can call my own shots."The turbulent political climate has also influenced Mc Cartney.

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I honestly thought that after this much time off, maybe it might be harder to engage with a fan base that hasn't had any new music in a long time.

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