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This means that delayed marriage, as my colleague Diane Singerman from American University argues, can put a moratorium on intimate life, or force some young people into alternatives such as secret marriages which are a social anathema.Plus, young people end up being dependents on their parents for longer which is a financial burden on the family. First, labor markets in the Middle East have had to cope with a very fast influx of young men and women coming of working age.NAVTEJ DHILLON (ND): It used to be the case that a generation ago the majority of young people would have been married by their mid-20s.Today almost 50 percent of the men between the ages of 25 and 29 are not married.ND: Young people with less education end up working because they have no choice.The young people who are increasingly secondary and university educated end up in what I've been calling "waithood": a long phase in which they wait for a full state of adulthood.This delay is mostly involuntary and reflects the economic struggles of young people.

Middle Eastern economies have been characterized by a large public sector and severe regulations which have curtailed private sector job creation.Now they look for a girl who is working and who's going to bring in some money." I think that there is an increasing recognition that to become and to stay middle class, this generation is going to need not one paycheck, but two paychecks. And we should be taking them on, and we should be fighting those. But we should not combine or conflate a strategy that is focused on fighting radicalism versus strategy that is helping to meet the aspiration of the majority, moderate citizens. In a nutshell: In order to get youth to listen again, the next President will have to change their discourse.NOW: In a recent article in Newsweek, you classified the problems you are describing here as a "social time bomb." What did you mean by that? is very much invested in terms of its own military, its foreign policy, and its national security. In order to get them to believe again, actions will matter.ND: Around 60 percent of the population in the Middle East is under 24 years of age. It is also a region in which we are facing some of the most destabilizing and some of the most horrendous conflicts, whether it's the Arab-Israeli conflict, or Iraq. This presents the countries with a demographic gift—if tapped into by expanding educational and employment opportunities—that can usher a more prosperous Middle East.

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Jobs require skills; housing and credit demand stable incomes; and marriage requires all of these.

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