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A variable entry delay stops the alarm going off straight away.Typically the alarm box or siren module would be mounted under the bonnet, so an additional switch might be fitted to trigger the alarm if it was opened.In any event the properly funny quotes outnumber the other ones by 5 to one, so there’s plenty to listen to.Inside the head and body there are a pair of actuators, to move the head and mouth.To get George talking simply press one of the two buttons labelled ‘Funny’ and ‘Inspirational’.

Bush Collector’s Edition Animated Figure might be well on its way to becoming one.

My guess is the only thing that prevented more widespread theft was that most British cars from that era were unreliable rust-buckets hardly worth the effort of pinching.

As recently as the 1980s if you wanted to ensure your car’s security you’d have to have an alarm fitted -- it tended to be an optional extra on new cars – or immobilise it with a Heath Robinson device that fitted over the steering wheel.

Other types of intruder sensors were also available, like ‘tremblers’, which responded to movement, ultrasonic motion detectors and concealed pressure switches under the carpets and inside the driver’s seat.

A keyswitch located on the outside of the car or, in this case, the driver turning on the ignition disables the alarm.

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