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This next post is going to talk in detail about GAL segmentation setup in Office 365.

The original idea was borrowed from this Microsoft blog post, but since not all of the steps were covered there in sufficient detail, I am expanding them here, and adding two specific examples: how to segment GAL based on distribution lists membership, and how to segment GAL based on Office attribute.

I have checked the default SMTP as well as the email address in AD. The GAL is updated and downloaded, I also see the right mail-addresses now on those users not shwoing up on the GAL when I look in All users.

They are still not in the GAL though :/ Reply same problem here.

In my case, the whole problem was that somehow, the Alias field on the Exchange General tab was set to Blank.

I typed the users logon name in the Alias field, clicked Apply, waited a minute and everything was back to normal. A user’s name and default SMTP address was changed from the EMC. I apply the changes in EMC, Update the OAB and from Outlook2007 Download the OAB.

I go back to the Outlook connectivity test feature, click "Connection Status", and click "Reconnect". I turn on Cached Exchange mode and when I open the address book this time, the GAL is populated. I tried to search for a name that I knew was in the address book Strangely, although my GAL is empty, there is a result. CN=[user name], right click, then select "Properties" 4.

We had some of Outlook clients running a patch that was blocking access to autodiscover and in turn would not allow the users to get the OAB.

When that control is set to "More columns" instead it causes the contents of the list to be blank until a search is performed.

Frequently users report recipients missing from the GAL. Scenario:– Recipients are not hidden from Exchange Address Lists– Recipients do show up in the “All Users” Address List– Recipients do show up when Outlook’s not in Cached Mode– Recipients resolve in Outlook Web Access Some recipients may not be included in the Offline Address Book when it is generated, for a number of reasons.

Then suddenly, when cached mode was on, the GAL was populated!

However, when I closed the address book and opened it again just to make sure I wasn't dreaming, the GAL was blank...again! Some of our users were not able to get to the GAL properly.

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