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He claims that his girlfriends "take on his color".

He has said that his girlfriend must ask for him to open the car door for her and wear skirts and dresses.

They are after all both under the same label Avex ent. Artists are really crafted, trained and moved all over like chess pieces. This could also be the end of that card to protect their careers in publicity.but he's well known for making misogynistic comments anyway.people are still kinda divided over who to believe Well it's better for both...Due to the two's differences in personality and busy schedules, they ended their relationship a week ago approximately."The couple, who first met in 2011, went public with their relationship in 2012 after a tabloid released pictures of the two on a date. I don't think she is of that caliber yet (if she keeps working hard) The actress that appeared in X men was Fan Bingbing and she's from China... but Ayumi is nice, cute and all but far from being cast in movies like these just yet... @Xi Tlali NEver mind I just realized it is not the hollywood movie but Korean TV show lol ignore my previous comment... D: @Xi Tlali i think the case hasn't been closed yet and tbh i think it was just settled with money privately.It's speculated that the two may have drifted apart recently while Gackt was busy with his tour and Ayumi had her Japanese drama filming schedule. sorry f(^_^;) oh btw how did it get out he was abusing her???!!! he on the other hand copied all his fans in saying in an announcement that he could get any woman he wanted anyway, he wouldn't need to force anyone.

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