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They quickly found a similar sound amongst such ready-for-radio rock acts of the early 21st century as Matchbox Twenty, Third Eye Blind, Train, and Fastball.By 1999, Fair was impressed enough by the demos to sign them to a record deal with RCA.However, by 2004 the second album titled, Two failed to live up to expectations charting at number 54 on Billboard Top 200.The album suffered from a lack of label support though the singles fared slightly better.Band's father is Jewish and his mother is Christian.Band explores spiritual themes in several of his songs though claims to be of no particular faith himself. I grew up with a Jewish Father who didn't practice and a Christian Mother whose only tie to Jesus was celebrating Christmas. And in this song I'm asking God what that should be..should I believe?Alexander Max "Alex" Band (born June 8, 1981) is an American singer, songwriter, musician, record producer and actor, best known for his work under the band name the Calling and their hit song "Wherever You Will Go", which topped the Adult Top 40 for 23 weeks and garnered the number one spot on Billboard magazine's "top 10 hits of the last decade".

His grandfather Albert Band was also another well known director.After his parents divorce, his mother moved to Germany where she remarried and still resides. Growing up Band made small appearances in his father's films.He grew up on Camino Palmero street, which would later inspire his first album of the same name.Eventually, Band and Kamin ditched the "Gap" lineup, and briefly switched their name to "Next Door", which itself was a nod to Ron Fair, a veteran music business executive and Band's neighbor.Kamin and Band began focusing on songwriting more, and as Band's signature baritone voice began to mature, the duo began leaving demo tapes of new songs and ideas for Fair in his mailbox.

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