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During the 1950s, Jeff's father James (Jim) Garman designed and patented an articulated tractor hitch that allowed two to three identical tractors to be coupled together with the front axles removed.

This gave a farmer more than twice the pulling power that one tractor offered, while still controlling from the operator’s station on only one of the tractors.

Be steadfast and patient, and cling to the Book and the Sunna in every matter 4.

Be faithful to God and God will be faithful to you – Despite the wishy-washy title of the final section, it’s actually the most interesting.

Comeon lets face it non of us are getting younger :-) My ideal mate... I am looking for someone who would love my flaws as i would lo..If you’ve got a talent they need, then they will approach you.They don’t do much recruiting (on this, see Clint Watt’s recent study of the foreign fighter data in Iraq).First Class is divided into Coupes (seating/sleeping for two) and Cabins (seating/sleeping for four) and have lockable doors ensuring complete privacy.The berths are very wide and the window ensures great visibility.

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