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I bought my bottle in 1975 and I still have some left in it that smells as perfect as the day I bought it. In an episode of That 70’s Show Eric buys this For Donna as a gift, when this aired (1998 maybe) I asked my mother ( who was a teenager in the 70’s) if she remembered it.A bottle today sells on e Bay for hundreds of dollars..for good reason. She told me it was an old lady perfume even back then and that it was one of my great grandmother’s favourites.I get the same negativity in music forums because i prefer acoustic to electronic music. This review is for the original scent made by Evyan, not any other company that may have bought the rights.In fact, this is really a review of the Youth and Beauty bath perfume.I did not realize this is a splash bottle, and I do not see the name Evyan anywhere on the box nor the bottle. So, this does have a bit of an 'old-time' smell, in that regard, to me. But I would say you definitely need to love or like white florals and clean soapy type scents to like this.To me, this is pretty much white floral, and the lilac does come through a little bit on the dry down..again, the old-time, real-deal, lilac smell.

I was surprised at the splash bottle and transferred it to an atomizer.It is divine and rich with the essence of a ripe, not overripe, peach and recently opened gentle gardenia, not cloying ones like funeral flowers; the combination is heavenly. So I would chuckle when I saw a bottle in the drug store and gave it little thought until recently.Last week I was trolling fragrancenet probably early in the morning when I stumbled upon this vintage beauty.For just a moment you get that damp dish rag effect, but that wears off and you smell glorious lilac and white flowers. But with 133ml I’m going to spay a lot and often because I adore every moment of this.I can’t wait for spring and summer as I’m sure this will be best worn in warmer weather.

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