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The site initially started out as paid but then went to a free model.The site changed hands several times throughout its life, and at one point was owned by ITV (a large British TV broadcaster). The site was created due to the creator's curiosity to discover what had happened to the friends he went to school with.K., most RW planes have been found to comprise a mixture of original Steel Nut and Record specified parts.While Olivia has shared a striking resemblance with Taylor for quite some time, it wasn't until she met the singer at her Melbourne concert in December that she became an online sensation in her own right.'As pretentious as that totally sound, it's sort of something that I deal with now,' Olivia told Daily Mail Australia, before explaining there are some days she 'really can't be bothered to have people take photos of me', and therefore she dresses down accordingly.It was being drowned out by sites like Facebook and Bebo who had grown hugely in those years.Due to this, the creators of the site then started out with TV advertising.

They claimed that "the world was now a different place" and that they could no longer fit in and compete with companies like Facebook.

As you fill in your profile, you also get to test something the site calls your .

Basically it’s just Friends Reunited Dating’s version of compatibility and personality testing.

It became one of the sites that employers checked before they hired someone.

It had also been used by partners who wanted to extract revenge on their exes.

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