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It’s time-consuming and taxing in a way that’s nothing like what previous generations contended with — because of the strategic positioning involved, the relentless commitment required, and the impossibility of opting out without fearing you might cease to exist among your peers altogether.These girls all got their first phones for the same reason: Their parents wanted to be able to reach them when they were walking home from school by themselves.If it sounds like a full-time job, that’s because it pretty much is — a gig they’ve aged into by virtue of becoming teenagers in the era of the smartphone.As the three friends laugh and chat with one another, their eyes are nearly always cast downward, glued to the devices held between their manicured fingers. They post carefully curated updates and stylized pictures of themselves on various apps and platforms.Much about their social experience is familiar to anyone who even faintly remembers being an adolescent girl: waiting by the phone (the one attached to a wall), trying out different looks in the mirror, obsessing about whether a crush is mutual, panicking about missing out or being rejected.

And if you’re not living up to the task, how can you expect your friends to be there for you the next time you take a chance and post something? With friends, it doesn’t feel that way.” “Someone could take your place,” Negar adds.Now, the phone is an essential part of their existence.Elina puts it bluntly: Her phone, she says, “is the fabric of my life.” All this labour is unpaid, of course, but it allows them to maintain a social currency — one highly dependent on constant maintenance and avoiding missteps.It could mean getting publicly shut down or shut out. “Someone’s always going to take your place.” Fifteen-year-old Lexi can definitely relate to that pressure. C., teenager has her notifications on all the time so she can know if friends are trying to make plans with her on Snapchat, their primary form of communication.“FOMO, I think, for our generation, is a really big deal,” Yasmin says, using the acronym for “fear of missing out.” “Missing out for me, specifically, that’s just like the worst thing,” she says. “Streaks” — long chains of snaps and the snaps your friends send in response — are seen as a measure of popularity.

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“You always make sure you look your best or that you’re doing something really fun.” With one intentionally blurry photo, what’s really a pretty tame night can come off as something intriguing.

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