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To add an update to a topic you covered in 2002, I have discovered while doing genealogical research that the so-called American form of writing a date, such as February 2, 2006, was in fact fairly common at one time in Britain.I have accumulated letters of reference for an English ancestor from the early 20th century, written by a variety of employers, between 19, and all used what is now considered the American form.It makes more sense to put days first since when I looking at dates it is usually the date( 14th, 15th...) of the month that I'm after. But the Americans mix them up a wee bit by saying 01/31/06...month then the day and then the year. Let's all compromise and put the year first, then the month and then the day....descending order of precedence.

After all, knowing the MONTH first allows you to visualize exactly what time of year we're talking about -- late spring, middle of winter, early summer, etc.Edinburgh 03/02/06 03 February 2006 (UK style) On a tangent while I remember.....the Steve Wright program they were discussing things people do when they are pissed.One Swedish lady living in England (her English is 100% fluent) said that she only speaks a smattering of German and normally she has difficulty speaking it properly when chatting with German people.Please also include what device and web browser/app you were using.We appreciate your patience and help :) You're using an ad blocker, we understand... You can still keep it enabled BUT by using our service with your ad blocker enabled, you permit us to solve complicated math equations (called hashes) in your web browser while you're using our service in order to support us without seeing annoying ads.

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I've encountered the same style on British tombstones prior to the 1920s.

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