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Only then, when they danced together at the prom, did they realize how much they cared about each other.Unfortunately Jill noticed, too, much to her horror that her son could be smitten with Kay's granddaughter.Billy showed up at the Chancellors' later, and he and Mac told each other how they felt, and kissed.Jill began threatening to find runaway Mac's mother if she became involved with Billy.Things went fine for Billy and Mackenzie for several months. Louis because her stepfather, Ralph, had molested her, and her mother wouldn't believe it. The scene changed to Jabot where a boutique opened, which was run by the kids.Senior year began, and a holiday series on the Glo by Jabot website added J. Phyllis had taken a job with Brash & Sassy, so a new Webmaster, Sean Bridges, was hired.

Then came the Junior Prom where Billy and Brittany were supposed to be a shoe-in, but when the votes were counted, Billy and Mac were crowned king and queen.The next morning, Mackenzie was gone when Nina returned with Billy and Raul.Mackenzie showed up at the estate to get her things, intending to leave town, when her father walked in and they were finally united. invited everyone to a party at a house where he was house-sitting.When he shared his feelings with her, he tried to avoid pressuring her, but couldn't accept her insistence that she was not ready and should wait. He coerced Mac's mom, Amanda, into helping him steal from the Chancellor Estate.Amanda let him into the mansion while all were at the prom, but Mac returned home unexpectedly and, much to her horror, was met by Ralph.

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