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Thanks to all the people who tested this, and for giving very helpful advice and opinions.

aaaaaand i get weird black textures in ttt weapons and no sounds, and nothing new in weapons or vehicles, always only same hl2 weps that is totally messed up.

Added a workaround for SSE for latest version of Dota 2, it should work now.

I have a PC and with Windows 10 version 1709 Fall Creator update, Left 4 Dead 2 does not run on this Windows 10 version. Something about the Windows 10 Fall Creator version 1709 which won't let Left 4 Dead 2 run. I could not roll back the Windows update to previous version because this is a new PC came with that 1709 update.

I have disabled Antivirus, added to exception list. Thanks Hello, I download, installed and did not run the updater, but it still do the same when I run the game (Left_4_Dead_2.exe) it does not start.

FAJ Butt Platinum Dynamic Durka Durka Ghengis Khan If I've forgotten someone, I'm sorry, I'm just tired.

Along with new multiplayer modes Valve included full working code for split-screen capability.

This fix required a change to the minimum spec from Mac OS 10.6.4 to Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) or higher, which matches Steam's minimum spec.

Rev is not yet updated, Dota 2 works only with older versions (around July 2017).

Only DOOM and Dark Souls III were the two 2016 titles that seemed to make their way onto a lot of people’s top games list.

The following is a history of updates applied to Left 4 Dead 2.

Updates to the PC versions (Windows, OS X, or Linux) will be downloaded automatically when available and not playing a game, or after restarting your Steam client.

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