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Emacs Speaks Statistics (ESS) provides an intelligent, consistent interface between the user and the software.

ESS interfaces with R, SAS, S-PLUS, BUGS/JAGS and other statistical analysis packages on GNU/Linux, other Unix-like systems such as mac OS, and Microsoft Windows.

ESS is itself a package within the Emacs text editor and uses Emacs features to streamline the creation and use of statistical software.

ESS knows the syntax and grammar of statistical analysis packages and provides consistent display and editing features based on that knowledge.

To reduce typing, command-line completion is provided for all R objects and “hot keys” are provided for common R function calls.

Help files are easily accessible, and a paging mechanism is provided to view them.

This changed in 1998 when Brian Ripley demonstrated use of the Windows Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) protocol with ESS.

No special knowledge of Emacs is necessary when using R interactively under ESS.

It currently supports R (and the rest of the S family), SAS, BUGS/JAGS, Stata, and Julia with the level of support roughly in that order.

Throughout this manual, by the Free Software Foundation.

Meyer and David Smith made further contributions, creating version 3.

For version 4, David Smith provided significant enhancements to allow for powerful process interaction. Together with extensions written by Martin Maechler, this became version 4.7 and supported S, Splus, and R.

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ESS also provides for maintaining text versions of your R functions in specified source directories.

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