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The literature includes other definitions of perceived media capability or efficacy, but these were not specific to health information on the Internet.Having the composite skills of e Health literacy allows health consumers to achieve positive outcomes from using the Internet for health purposes.Since about 2011, the increasing recognition of the need for better cyber-security and regulation may result in the need for these specialized resources to develop safer e Health solutions that can withstand these growing threats.Oh et al., in a 2005 systematic review of the term's usage, offered the definition of e Health as a set of technological themes in health today, more specifically based on commerce, activities, stakeholders, outcomes, locations, or perspectives.Each medical practise has its own jargon and diagnostic tools.

Several programs have been identified by the UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence as cost effective for use in primary care.Quit Coach takes users through lessons that are grouped into modules that provide information and assignments to complete.The modules guide participants through steps such as preparing to quit smoking, stopping smoking and preventing relapse.a multilingual, free to use, web-based tool for self-management of less severe forms of depression, for use under guidance of a GP or psychotherapist.There are a number of online programs relating to smoking cessation.

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Front-end exchange typically involves the patient, while back-end exchange does not.

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