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There follows a section describing elements added by IDS/XCES, and a driver section which gathers together all the ODD fragments included earlier in the document.A final section describes some conformance and design issues which may need attention.It is based on XCES, an XML version of the Corpus Encoding Standard (CES) [2], [3], which in turn was based on version TEI P3 of the Text Encoding Initiative Guidelines [1].The primary goal is to provide a definition of the IDS/XCES vocabulary on the basis of TEI P5 [7], and not (via XCES and CES) on the basis of TEI P3.elements, available when using the additional tagset for transcription of primary sources. Use of the gap, del, damage, unclear, and supplied Elements in Combination for discussion of which element is appropriate for which circumstance.The " tag simply signals the editors decision to omit or inability to transcribe a span of text.Other information, such as the interpretation that text was deliberately erased or covered, should be indicated using the relevant tags, such as The original TEI target attribute of the class att.pointing comes out as of type CDATA from the ODD2DTD.

the date and place it was composed, if these are of interest. As such, it provides a title and statements of responsibility together with details of the publication or distribution of the file, of any series to which it belongs, and detailed bibliographic notes for matters not addressed elsewhere in the header.The remainder of the elements in the core module are included in the IDS/XCES vocabulary; that remainder includes the elements listed below.(For the most part, these elements are also included in CES and XCES, but " are not in XCES but are added back into the vocabulary by IDS/XCES.)Some elements are included without change from TEI, at least in the sense that the same parameter entity or pattern names are used in the declarations.One simple way to move I5 closer to TEI P5 would be to drop these restrictions and use the TEI P5 declarations for these elements unchanged.Finally, for some elements IDS/XCES declares a content model which extends or modifies the declarations in TEI P5.

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correctly caused it to come out as xs:any URI in the generated i5.xsd). Hence I include it here with an explicit specification of the IDREF type.

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