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Susan knocked on doors, earnestly seeking to rescue people from Hell; I gave out Bible tracts for the same reason.

But had we met as youngsters, Susan and I would probably have felt it necessary to part company, because (horrors!

Once, we were frying eggs together to feed multitudes of people at huge banquet tables, and although we had only a few eggs to start with, they never ran out.

Reviewed by Virginia Ramey Mollenkott Several times, I have had vivid dreams about dating Jesus.

But before I could clean myself up, Jesus reached over and wiped the mucus away with the most exquisitely tender touch I had ever experienced.

At such a humiliating moment, how could anyone have been so gentle as to leave me glowing with an astonished joy?

The alleged site of His tomb has been revered by His followers for seventeen centuries precisely because the Man who first occupied it left it empty.(Whenever I remember that dream, I feel the lovingkindness of Jesus’ gesture all over again.) So naturally, I was drawn to a book entitled Dating Jesus As I soon discovered, Susan Campbell did not so much dream about dates with Jesus as use them as a metaphor for enforcing upon herself the fundamentalist model for a “good Christian woman,” even after the instincts began to pull her in a much livelier direction.Despite our age difference, we had so very much in common in our early years, Susan Campbell and I!Like mine, her church had “no central hierarchy, opting instead for home rule by a group of older men, the elders.” Her Bible was the King James Version, and later the New International Version; and like my own KJV, it was “scored with pen and pencil underlines.” Both of us were “in church every time the doors were open.” Women could not speak in church services or teach boys, past the age of twelve; but we memorized “great swatches of the Bible” anyway.Although our preachers paid no attention to the Bible’s literary or historical context, we were assured that ours was the only true New Testament church.

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