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it reflects that we have wildly different interests.I also tend to steer clear of ones that include their astrological sign. In those cases, I might not avoid them just based on what’s in their profile.The scriptures, words of affirmation and quotes below are for the friends in your life. We hope you will use these to remind your friends of your love and commitment to their well-being. If I get back into online dating, I’ll probably try to come up with something more clever.Usually I’ll steer clear of someone’s name for the same reason I’ll steer clear of their profile …Because when you’re dating online, which is an extremely competitive medium, you need every advantage you can get.A great username is a differentiator – a unique brand name – something that completely sets you apart from every other person on a dating site.

Everyone needs authentic friends who have their best interests at heart.

There are people in your life whom you count as great friends. Whoever they are and wherever they are, these words are for you to encourage them.

Use these words to thank them for their love and generosity and uplift them when they need it most.

Originally from Nigeria, she is passionate about her purpose which is following God every step of the way no matter the details.

Remi Roy lives, writes and enjoys being in Dallas, Texas.

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