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In 1805 she married Atanazy / Anastazy Walewski / Athenasius Colonna-Walewski of Warka district b. 1815 or 1814, and a chamberlain to the last Polish king, Stanislaw August Poniatowski.She 2nd married count Filip Antoni d'Ornano / Philippe Antoine d'Ornano, an Napoleonic officer from Ajaccio.

In 1781, he was elected to the Tribunal of Lithuania.

She was lover of Alexander II, tsar of Russia who was born in Moscow on 29. The Permanent Council managed the administration, prepared a parliamentary acts, controlled the law and gave its interpretation; to limit the king's power and resist reforms.

The Council was liquidated in 1789 by the Four-Year Parliament - reactivated in 1793 by the Grodno Parliament.

ca 1730 - a marriage in 1760; unknown - marriage ca 1778 [or to Kunegunda Ewa Anna Maslowska b. Then to above Leopold Kronenberg (1812-1878), a Warsaw banker, investor, one of the richest men in ex-Poland in the second half of the nineteenth century.

1743 in Ruda, marriage in 1759-64]; and in 1779 or in 1784, in Myslniew, west to Ostrzeszow, to Konstancja Psarska a daughter of Fryderyk Jakub Psarski. ca 1690, died 1724, who was son of Krzysztof Wollowicz / Krzysztof Kazimierz Wollowicz b. Swiack - in the Hrodna / Grodno district, ex-Augustow county; close to Wollowiczowce; in the 18th - 19th centuries in the Troki province - belonged to the Wollowiczs; a palace built the Grodno marshal - Jzef Wollowicz (d. Brzezie - west of WLOCLAWEK, close to Radziejow and Brzesc Kujawski / Brzesc Kujawski, then it was the land of Miaczynski, next the property to the Kronenbergs [with Wieniec, Dubielewo, Aleksandrowo, Maryanki, Leopoldowo].

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Franciszek Ksawery Walewski owner of Wola Wiazowa, was the son of Franciszek Walewski with his 3rd wife [a marriage in STRONSKO]. 1873 - new palace; Leopold Kronenberg died in 1878 and Brzezie taken his children: Stanislaw Leopold Kronenberg (to 1887), then Leopold Julian Kronenberg (to 1937); 1889 - here was living Walerian Kronenberg; the last owner was Leopold Jan Kronenberg.

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