Dating someone who used to be promiscuous Free sex chat over fifty

You might have tried something along the lines of: "Would you date someone who has had several sexual partners in the past, and do you think there is any kind of obligation to disclose that kind of information to a prospective partner? If past promiscuity is of a concern, then the person should make that clear in the beginning.

This doesn't necessarily have to do with pair-bonding, it has other aspects such as trust-bonding, circle of security, etc. Nor am I saying sometimes people aren't just horny, they most certainly are.

Why would anyone start any type of a relationship with anyone who WASN'T a friend first ? It's probably the moral overtones in your original question. I know people of certain faiths that believe sex for any reason other than procreation is promiscuous.

I think people are confused, because their priorities are jumbled. Something a bit less judgemental might have garnered less defensiveness and maybe even more balance in the replies. On the whole, I think it is like almost everything else in a relationship.

But that should not automatically make that person a cheater.

Hell I would be inclined to say that a sexually experienced person may be in a better position to teach or be willing to have a openess about them just because they have the experience and make they more appealing.

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