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A security guard initially blocked access to the store for the students of a nearby school, and later an Apple Store employee informed the students of the reason why they would not be granted access to the location.The incident was recorded on video, and, as such, went viral very quickly. In a response to that, a company-wide email was sent out by CEO Tim Cook, entitled “Apple is open.” He says that the way the situation was handled was “unacceptable,” and goes on to say that not a single individual within Apple’s leadership was happy with the way things were handled.It’s the reason we put so much care into the design of our products.It’s the reason we make our stores beautiful and inviting, and extend their reach to benefit the communities around them.As a result of the situation, Cook also said that leadership teams around the globe would be required to take some customer service training elements again.Cook goes on to say that the actions of some employees in that store does not reflect Apple as a whole, and that the company is “open to people from all walks of life, regardless of race or religion, gender or sexual orientation, age, disability, income, language or point of view.” You can read the full email below, which was initially published by Team, I’m sure you are all aware of the unacceptable incident which took place at our store at the Highpoint shopping center in Melbourne, Australia, on Tuesday.Our employee immediately expressed his regret and apologized to the students.None of us are happy with the way this was handled.

It is not a message we would ever want to deliver to a customer or hear ourselves.

But we can all be proud of Kate, one of the senior managers at the Highpoint store.

On Wednesday, she greeted the same group of students to express a heartfelt apology on behalf of our store and our company.

These are concepts and practices they know well, but can always stand to reinforce.

Respect for our customers is the foundation of everything we do at Apple.

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It’s a simple pledge we all make to our customers and to ourselves: Apple is open.

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