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The thought of putting your clean hands on the mangy fur of a dog or cat is literally repulsive to you.You don’t force people to touch things they don’t want to touch, so why should you touch an animal? That adolescent fear has since evolved into hatred. People look at you like you just grew a second head the second you let it slip that animals are not your thing. It’s like the whole world is wearing animal goggles and fails to see that. Back then, I didn’t like animals because I was genuinely afraid of them. Are you going to burn me at the stake now, or what? I know you cringed, everyone always does.“What kind of a person doesn’t like animals?! I’ll tell you what kind of person, someone who knows animals for what they are: gross and dirty creatures that poo everywhere and get drool all over everything.I can’t tell you how many times people have told me I have no soul because I don’t like animals.Meeting another dog lover takes the typical first date awkwardness right out of the equation since there's instantly something to talk about. We love our animals, we treat them well, and we want them to be happy. Everyone wants to find someone with whom they can explore love, romance, and all the great things that come with both. But when it comes to actually finding someone to make that connection with, even the best dating sites often don’t live up to their billing.And if you both bring your dogs on your first date, then the focus can be shared with the dogs and not 100% on an potentially awkward situation (since we all know how that can go). Online dating sites tell you that with just a few questions answered on their online forms, you’ll find the magical person for you. Making everything more complicated is the fact that there is a crop of new dating sites out there, including dating apps, that are really nothing more than hookup apps or sites.

Yet, no one thinks this defense is sufficient because apparently people love their animals more than actual children. You have zero interest in getting cat hair all over your clothes or getting your shoes destroyed by a dog. She assured me the cat rarely came upstairs and wouldn’t bother me. They follow you around, try to make you pet them and lick you. The fact that no one understands this is truly stressful. Not to mention that your entire apartment will smell like a giant fart. Why the actual f*ck do you have a dog if you’re not going to pick up its poop? As a person who doesn’t like animals, you can be very aggressive when someone else’s animal affects your day.You constantly feel pressured by pet owners to touch their animals.Maybe you also found us because you were specifically looking for a dog dating site. Pet dating is something that most people don’t even know is out there...although awareness of what we do and how we do it is growing.

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