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A FASCINATING glimpse back into old Poole has been given a modern twist by documentary film maker Roger Hopkins.

As a schoolboy nearly 50 years ago, Roger took a photo from the top of the town’s old grain silo and has turned his snapshot of the past into a stunning You Tube video.

The Contax RTS II is a different best to any Contax camera that came after, as it is the only camera designed in Germany, and by F.

A Porsche and thus has it’s German pedigree and connection to the Original Contax intact.

It also features manual wind, manual focus, a beautiful contrasty Viewfinder, reliable electronics that assist but don’t overwhelm, and when felt and used, it is wonderful to behold.

It is dense, heavy, solid and very comfortable to hold.

I cannot remember why I was foolish enough to sell my Aria (with 50mm f1.4 Planar) but I did.The camera had to have, as mentioned, a brilliant range of beautifully made lenses, had to me MF and MW, be built like a Tank, with high quality parts and workmanship, ergonomically designed and beautiful to behold, own, use and keep with results to match.I had a look at the legendary range of Leicaflex SLR’s, they’re exceptional, beautifully built but alas, too expensive, too big, and lenses were out of my price range.The lens will be available for Canon, Nikon, M42 and Pentax-K mounts and will come in a matte black or silver finish.Here are the technical specifications: Read More Today Sony announced a new ECX339A OLED microdisplay featuring UXGA (1600 x 1200 resolution) - the highest in its class for a 0.5" EVF.

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