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The northern leading edges of the continental plate in New Guinea and Timor rise to peaks of 2 miles (3 km) or…

In 1948 a decision was made at the 18th International Geological Congress (IGC) in London that the base of the Pleistocene Series should be fixed in marine rocks exposed in the coastal areas of Calabria in southern Italy.Farther away, vast dry, cold grasslands (steppes) were formed.It is common to see the “Ice Age” described in popular magazines as a time in which the “ice caps expanded from the North and South poles to cover much of the Earth.” This is very misleading.In part this is because it is well preserved in comparison with the other periods of geologic time.Less of it has been lost to erosion, and the sediments are not usually altered by rock-forming processes.

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Continental ice sheets formed and extended into temperate latitudes numerous times in the Quaternary, but the terrestrial record of these events is somewhat incomplete.

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