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"The idea of it makes me angry, but I suppose that’s the point," 25-year-old Rebecca*, who did not go to private school, told The Independent.

"It’s playing on the existing divide between private and state school pupils.

Christine’s arch rival Jordan also has her eye on …"Also, if people only want to date other people who went to private school, I suppose that eliminates them from the pool so the rest of us can have someone decent!I’m not saying people who went to private school aren’t decent, but the people who only want to date other people who went to private school aren’t." And she’s not alone in this view.Here's Farquharson pictured in June: It's been an absolute delight and pleasure to have this exceptional student @rory_farq from @Harvard spend this week with us in Belfast 🚀 JT19h5 — Conor Houston (@Conor Houston NI) June 9, 2017 He was a golf and rugby player and was selected as "head of school" for the 2015-16 year.A school friend told the Daily Mail that he was "popular" and "quite a catch." Farquharson's CV says he spent a summer as an intern with the Centre for Democracy and Peace Building in Northern Ireland, appeared in a rugby video played at the World Cup opening ceremony in 2015 (which Prince Harry also appeared in), and was a member of the Rugby School's chemistry club, the Blue Bunsen Society.

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"Creating an app that does the selection for you only encourages that kind of attitude, which seems to imply that your worth is defined by your school, and surely that goes against all the present day narratives about education." And of course, it’s not just state school educated people who are against the idea of the app.

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