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Then take turns to read your love letters, and watch the sparkle in your partner’s eyes. You can take the ‘day shift’ while he takes the ‘night shift’.

Inform each other about the dress code (for example, bikini, smart casual etc) so you don’t give your partner a nasty surprise if he turns up under dressed. This one is a fun one and can easily be played at home. Write difficult questions on each block of Jenga and assemble the set as per normal.

And if you’re up for some off-the-beaten-track adventures, loin an organised hike to explore the long-forgotten areas in Singapore.

Email [email protected] to register your interest for free hiking trips, or check out to discover other urban adventures.

Just go out there and explore, and document your little love tour!

It’s free, it’s fun and you’ll have an album to look back on and smile about, the next time you check out your camera roll. Pretend you’re a new couple getting to know each other.

Remember where you went on your first date, or where you first fell in love?

Retrace your steps and revisit the place where it all began.(P. If your first date was at a fancy restaurant, you don’t actually have to eat there.

If your hubby is a durian lover but you’ve never touched the thorny fruit, get out of your comfort zone and try it for his sake.Just order a dessert to share or have a drink each, to keep to your budget!)When was the last time the two of you went to the library without your squalling kids in tow? Stretch your dollar by buying top-notch food from Garcons at Essen At The Pinnacle, an atas food court.Studies have found that massages can reduce stress, alleviate pain, and improve mood.Fortunately it’s easy to recreate a pricey spa outing with an essential oil of your choice (lavender is especially calming) and a few lit candles to set the mood. Dedicate a day to helping others, whether it’s serving meals at the local food pantry, hanging out with senior citizens, or cleaning up a nearby park.

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From bashing animals with mallets to Dance Dance Revolution, it makes for a great night out.

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