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My question is this Guys and Gals have you ever seen a lady smoking a stogie? ..all know why the men who like seeing a woman smoking a cigar like seeing it!!

And, yes, I have tried it before and could not help but laugh inside when noticing how many men were watching ~ I do believe they were trying to see my "technique" Cigars are like the wine tasting of tobacco.

I moved back to MA after 20 years in the Chicago area and am so glad to be here, near my family and the ocean, although I made a lot of friends in those 20 years & I miss them a lot.

I'm not much Ceresco Nebraska superfarmboy 47 Man Seeking Women Hi ...

I started a couple years back with swishers and thought they were good for a while.

Then I moved to the cheap and very foul smelling machine rolled Churchhill rejects.

Its an art from rolling it to storing it and even to smoking it.

Each cigar has its tastes, strength and orgins of where it was grown and if it was grown in shade or in the sun.

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

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