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I think being in an uncomplicated relationship would suit me better because I prefer a drama free life. It's very valuable to hear such a wide range of voices. He was the first person to tell me that he would love me forever, that he would marry me… Having a child changed him in a way that made me love him…So I don't wish that.

Furthermore, his son grew attached to me and eventually started texting me. Based on my experience, I would suggest listening to your intuition. But other times, yes, I wish it were less complicated.

You may even fear losing access to your kids or having your ex turn them against you.

But co-parents who want healthy, lasting, committed romantic relationships can’t be ruled by fear.

This can take the form of her dictating when and under what circumstances he may spend time with the children (“You can take my children around her” is a common refrain.); making last-minute, disruptive or unnecessary changes to the parenting time schedule; or long, frequent, or non-child-related phone calls or texts that the co-parenting dad says he respond to or else his ex will be angry.

What we say to the dating co-parent: If your ex is controlling and difficult, it’s understandable that you might not want to rock the boat.

Find resources that will empower you to create and maintain healthy boundaries in your co-parenting arrangement, to establish a detailed shared parenting agreement with the court, or to enforce an existing agreement. If your new partner is constantly complaining about your bossy ex and doesn’t agree with how you’re handling the situation, bite the bullet and ask her outright if this is a relationship deal-breaker for her.

If you’re unwilling or unable to maintain boundaries and to meet the expectations of the person you’re dating, say so. Save yourself and your children the future heartache.

You can't help feeling what you feel, so there is no guilt in feeling. When you share a feeling with him that is unpleasant for you to experience and to share with him, see how he responds.I felt an instant connection with him that I haven't really felt with anyone before based on our similar family backgrounds, and he was also super honest with me from the get-go.His son was also super sweet and would always give me gifts (candy and glitter pens) and sing me songs.I love children , but I wanted to have my own children and I knew I wasn't cut out to take care of someone else's.I felt like that is usually how a normal single female would feel like.

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