Dating dancing dreams and dilemmas

This particular dream includes an interesting nuance—the “turd” is in a public restroom, indicating that the problem the dreamer wishes to get rid of is not only a personal one, but a public one as well. Some struggles, difficulties, and conflicts don’t only belong to us as individuals—they belong to a family or community where everyone needs to learn from or deal with what has been held back, not said, or swept under the rug.

This can happen in organizations of all kinds, from churches to corporations, where some people are led to believe that they have individual problems when actually there is a bigger system in the background that needs to be exposed and challenged.: “That’s a lot of shit; now matter how you slice it, it stinks!

If my comments resonate for you, then you may take it to heart; if it does not resonate, feel free to toss it aside.: “I entered a public restroom to find an enormous turd lying on the floor.

I picked it up and put it in a toilet but realized it was too big to flush so tried cutting it up, but then realized it was plastic!

But progress is conventionally measured in a more linear way and often in terms of outer achievement —getting closer to some goal, height, or level. The dream offers the image of a wave—a wonderfully fluid natural form.

While the energy of the wave appears to take the dreamer in desirable directions, offering her recognizable choices, it keeps turning and centering her rather than taking her “forward.” This wave carries a radical wisdom for the person looking to get somewhere by turning them, swirling them, and urging them inward toward their center instead of outward.

But there’s something unique about the counsel that arises from dreams—it is as diverse and unique as we really are.

She sits up and begins to hallucinate, seeing things that we cannot see.

I know that her end is near and we carry her to her apartment, upstairs.” –Dreamer 2: For most of us, being physically fit and healthy is important, as it should be.

For example, one person’s dream advised them to let go of caring about others’ opinions, while another’s dream advised them to take the opinions of others deadly seriously; one person’s dream encouraged them to muster the ambition to climb a mountain, while another person’s dream encouraged them to jump off (allowing them to “fly” or celebrate their climb); one person’s dream urged them to open their eyes and see more clearly, while another urged the dreamer to close their eyes and stay inside of themselves, less open to “outer” things; and there was the dream that brought inspiration to one woman with a vision of a body more healthy and youthful than her own, while another woman’s dream inspired her with a vision of herself with one foot in the grave (bringing her closer to her spiritual nature); and then there was the dream that told one person to act immediately while another dream suggested that the dreamer go in circles until she found her center.

Dreams are a door to a wonderful world of symbol and language, of perspective and insight, of soul and spirit. Some hold that there is no meaning in dreams, no science to support their interpretation, nothing to be found in the long hours of sleep when our conscious minds fall away. Here are three dreams people have brought to me, a more general commentary, and the response I offered to the dreamer.

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Her son tells me that she also walks funny—turning her body right and left with each step as she walks with her cane.

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