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I know it's a stereotype that jews are typically boring, straight laced people but she certainly isn't that. BFWell, if she's not really into being a "serious Jew" then I wouldn't worry much about how it will affect your relationship.Ask her what her parents will think because that could be a problem if they are serious about it. If it's enough to make you worry about it then there has to be something there. Quoting Bristol Flyer (Thread starter): So what, if any, are the differences (lifestyle, background etc) that I could expect.via GIPHY Now, this is one of those that can go both ways.We're talking lawyers, investment bankers, doctors, advertising account managers; those ladies who seem to have all their shit together.I never thought I'd be the one asking for dating advice on this forum, but I'm a little out of my depth on this one...So I've been dating a real nice girl for a couple of weeks, and she recently said she's jewish (but not overly religious, nor am I). So what, if any, are the differences (lifestyle, background etc) that I could expect.We're not going to lie to you guys, 2017 was a real whirlwind year!

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It was up to me to buy almost all meals/drinks etc.

There's online dating and an abundance of dating tips out there that can drive a man insane, making him overthink and forget the simple things like, you know, just introducing himself and talking to the person he's interested in.

Then you are in for some big trouble Now, seriously, I think one of the biggest advantages of a mixed-marriage is that you get to enjoy all the religious festivities without having to divide yourself between families.

You can have a wonderful Seder for Pessach or Yom Kippur with her family and then enjoy Christmas with yours. She is a human being, not a stereotype based on which faith she follows.

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